Holistic Orphan Care

Forgotten Children Worldwide works to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Meeting the children’s immediate, and sometimes urgent, needs is the first priority, but only the beginning of life transformation. It is our goal that today’s vulnerable children will grow to be strong, Christ-centered individuals who will become educators, community leaders, and responsible mothers and fathers. In order to achieve this transformation, Forgotten Children Worldwide applies a holistic approach to orphan care. We strive to meet the every need of every child that we serve. Even those that are not as apparent or obvious.


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Children are placed in orphan or foster homes where their physical needs of shelter, food, clothing andmedical care are met. We purposefully create a family environment so that each child learns to love and respect houseparents, caregivers and other children. This allows them to grow up knowing what a functional life of respect looks like.




We introduce the fatherless to the Heavenly Father. Through our partnerships with indigenous Christian ministries children experience God’s love and His desire for their lives. Children experience spiritual growth through daily devotionals, Bible study and discipleship programs. Bibles and other discipleship materials are provided when needed. Local churches are also engaged and encouraged to get involved in orphan care ministry. In the end, we empower children to discover their significance and purpose in the story that God is writing for their lives.





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Children who have lived in extreme poverty and experienced the evils of human trafficking suffer from severe emotional and psychological issues. They need good, professional care to ensure that their needs are met and restoration is achieved. We provide funds to implement houseparent training, professional counseling and trauma care.







An education prepares children for the future by teaching them skills and knowledge while developing character. Children with an education are more likely to become self-sustaining adults who can break the cycle of extreme poverty. We work to provide children in our care with all of the tools needed to achieve academic success. School fees, books and study materials, solar lighting for homework help, and school construction are ways that we can help children in need. In addition to general education children are provided with the opportunity to received vocational training that will help them as they grow into adults and enter the job force.




Many vulnerable children lack social skills. They need to develop these skills and experience positive social interaction to become well-rounded individuals who flourish relationally. Children have the opportunity to learn vital life skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, friendship formation, family values, interpersonal communication, financial literacy and stewardship.