What We Do

Forgotten Children Worldwide empowers our in-country ministry partners to care for their own children. We do not believe in building American orphan care ministries, but coming alongside those that already exist and helping them do what they do better. We work with ministries around the world, providing practical resources, help and guidance. We partner with ministries who share a similar vision for orphan care. In every situation, FCW comes alongside an established team with physical, financial and human resources, encouragement, prayer and training. At our core, we want our partner ministries to become self-sufficient and self-sustainable. Ultimately, we strive for the day when they will not need our guidance and our support. We believe strongly in holistic care and work on improving the care that all children receive. In the end, we work to:

1. safeguard and lift children from extreme poverty

2. prevent child trafficking

3. give children hope by introducing them to Jesus Christ

Read the 2017 Annual Report on 2016 Results.