Water & Wellness

Approaching orphan care in a holistic way involves making sure children have access to clean water and healthcare.
Support Water & Wellness Initiatives

Clean water is the first step toward overall health and wellness.

For most individuals throughout the developing world, getting a single drink of water requires walking an average of 3.5 miles each day. Usually, those miles are trekked without shoes, and available water is almost always filled with dirt and dangerous bacteria. In fact, research indicates that every 21 seconds, a child dies of a water related illness. Each year, women and children spend 40 billion working hours collecting water, and they often encounter harassment and harm during their travels.

YOU can bring lasting change.

By making a donation toward water & wellness initiatives, you can provide clean, safe water for vulnerable children and families and Africa and Asia.  Your donation could also provide these other wellness essentials:

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$1.00 a week provides a child with a daily multivitamin.

Deworming Pills

$40.00 per year provides a child with one deworming pill every six months.

Hospitalization Insurance

$25.00 could provide insurance for 2 children per year.

Mosquito Nets

Help prevent malaria - the number one killer of children in the world.