Water and Wellness

Clean Water
Because digging an adequate well can cost a village $10,000 (well over a decade’s worth of wages), few areas have consistent access to drinking water that is free from life-threatening bacteria. According to the World Health Organization, lack of access to clean water kills one out of every five children, and 99 percent of those deaths are occurring in the developing world. Well-aware of these statistics, FCW works with transnational partners to drill boreholes and construct wells that will provide hundreds of children clean and safe drinking water.

FCW also focuses on other wellness initiatives and projects:

Multi-Vitamins: For about $1 a week, a child can receive a daily multivitamin that will aid in physical and mental development. These vitamins help to prevent illness like Vitamin A deficiency, which is associated with blindness, viral infections, and child mortality.

Deworming Pills: Intestinal worms are a major issue for children, especially where clean water cannot be found. For $4 a year, a child will be given one deworming pill every six months, helping to prevent intestinal worms from stealing essential nutrients needed for basic childhood development and survival.

Mosquito Nets: For $10, a simple mosquito net can help prevent a child from contracting malaria–the number one killer of children in the world.

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