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Dear Friend,

Christmas is God’s tangible, concrete reminder that he is crazy about us. In no uncertain terms, he lets us know that he loves us with an unrestrained affection. Spirit became FLESH. God sent an indisputable message when he sent his Son to planet Earth. His presence said, “I CARE. I am very fond of you.”

That is so comforting.

With everything that is taking place in our world today, I hope you remember that the God who created daffodils, stink bugs and billions of galaxies with billions of stars… is crazy about you.

At Forgotten Children Worldwide, that is our theme: to let the fatherless know that they have a heavenly Father – and that he is CRAZY about them. That is our mission.

Thank you for linking arms, for making sacrifices, so that the most needy, vulnerable children on the planet may thrive.

From the Board of Directors and the staff of FCW, Merry Christmas!

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Matt Hartsell
Founder and Executive Director
Forgotten Children Worldwide

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