Protect a Child from Poverty and Trafficking Through

Child Sponsorship

$38/Month Can Change the Trajectory of a Child's Life

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How does child sponsorship help?

At FCW, we exist to safeguard orphans and vulnerable children from extreme poverty and human trafficking.  Child sponsorship is one of the best weapons in the fight against poverty and trafficking because it provides a child with a variety of resources that help lift them out of the cycle of poverty.

$38/month provides a child with:


School fees, uniforms, and supplies.


Seasonally appropriate, well-fitting clothes and shoes.

Spiritual Development

Biblically-based, Christ-centered discipleship programming.


Clean drinking water and regular, healthy meals.

Medical Care

Regular medical and dental checkups.


Access to caring adults who provide wisdom and guidance.

Why Sponsor a Child with FCW?

Indigenous Partnerships

We collaborate with indigenous pastors, ministries, and orphan homes in Africa and Asia that are already providing top-notch care for children in need.

100% Model

Once a child is chosen for sponsorship, 100% of your $38 monthly donation benefits your sponsored child.  At FCW, we don't take any administrative fees from sponsorships.  So, you can rest assured that your sponsorship funds are benefitting your sponsored child.

Regular Correspondence

Letters and photos between sponsors and sponsored children are exchanged twice a year (once in May and once in November). These letters and photos become cherished keepsakes to sponsored children, and the bond formed through these letters is one that will bless your life as well!

Child with Sponsor for Web

Child Sponsorship FAQ

By aging out, we mean that the child has completed their education—either because they have completed all available educational opportunities or because they have chosen to leave the program. A child may leave the program, for instance, if they no longer desire to attend school, choose to get a job, become pregnant and no longer choose to be a part of the program, or a guardian or parent forcibly removes them from the program.

Ideally, children age out after they have completed their highest level of education possible. This can be Primary or Secondary School—or university. Unlike children in the US, they can be in Primary School at age 17. A student can only advance to the next level if they pass a written test, unlike advancing in the US.

Sponsorship formally concludes 60 days after they have completed their highest level of education and have secured a job in a timely fashion. At that point, you will be notified of your child’s status. Ideally, you will know prior to this event.

If you're unable to continue your sponsorship, we understand. Simply contact us to let us know, and we will make the arrangements to stop your sponsorship. We will also ensure that your child is provided for until he or she is sponsored by someone else.  If circumstances improve, we hope you'll consider sponsoring with us again!

In order to view letters and photos from your sponsored child, simply log into our Child Sponsorship Portal (click here to log in).  Once you have logged in, open the Sponsorship Portal tab to find your inbox. 

In order to write a letter to your sponsored child, simply log into our Child Sponsorship Portal (click here to log in).  Once you have logged in, open the Sponsorship Portal tab to find a link to write your child a letter.  The letter writing page also includes instructions for uploading a handwritten letter if you would prefer to write by hand.

Yes, sponsorship can be done as a group. But, it does help us if payment comes from the same entity each month and if FCW is given one contact name, address, phone number and e-mail address to communicate with.

Yes! All sponsorship donations are tax-deductible.

Absolutely! If you would like to provide your child with a Christmas gift, you can do so in your Child Sponsorship Portal or by clicking here.

Where are FCW's sponsored children located?

Our orphan care facilities are located in India, Nepal, Malawi, and Uganda.  Hover over the red areas on the maps below to see where our sponsored children live!






Very many young children in Uganda are suffering because they do not have sponsors. But for me, I want to thank God that I got a sponsor.

Priscilla (FCW Sponsored Child)

James 1:27 says religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is to look after orphans and widows in their distress...supporting them through Forgotten Children is just one way that we can help. We know that 100% of our money is going to that child.  We love seeing updates from our child!  Using the resources God gives has blessed us more than anything, and we love knowing that we are giving toward something pure and something that is giving a child a different life.

The Lambert Family (FCW Child Sponsors)

This has been such a blessing because we have been able to get to know our sponsored children, build relationships with them, pray for them, hear about what they're learning, and how God is working in their lives. It is so humbling and rewarding, and we couldn't pick a better organization to work with!

The Reynolds Family (FCW Child Sponsors)