Breaking the cycle of poverty through

Self-Sustainability & Micro Finance

A Sustainable Income for Generations

Self-Sustainability projects are designed to help those in desperate poverty generate a self-sustaining income to provide for their children and/or community.

Both self-sustainability projects and micro finance loans have a long-term impact on the communities that care for orphans and prevent children from falling victim to the evils of child trafficking.

Self-Sustainability Projects Take Many Forms

Agriculture and Animals

Farms containing livestock and produce help to create sustainable living for an orphan care ministry. Families can generate an income through poultry projects, heifer farms, sheep shearing, fish ponds and goat ranches. Homegrown produce provides food and nourishment for the children while offering a product that can be sold at the local market.


There is a great need for transportation all over the world. This need creates an opportunity for our partners to generate self-sustaining income by providing transportation in their areas. A bus, or mini-bus, can be used to transport tourists, large groups and everyday citizens from place to place for a fare. The proceeds from each fare collected are poured back into the orphan care ministry.

Vocational Training

Vocational skills are extremely important for financial independence. This training equips individuals with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to be productive and self-sufficient. For women, this income is significant in helping provide for their children and guard against human trafficking.



There are many ways we help to keep children out of cycles of poverty and human trafficking. One way is to provide small loans to individuals who have orphans in their care. These loans help to start businesses, raise crops, etc. It is amazing what a small loan can accomplish!