Pettibones Receive Distinguished Volunteer Award

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The Distinguished Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to individuals who manifest a godly, sacrificial spirit that distinguishes them from the masses.

Recipients of the Distinguished Volunteer Award possess the following characteristics:

  • A spirit of genuine humility
  • A can-do spirit and willingness to serve behind the scenes when needed
  • A passion for the ministry of FCW and the children served around the world
  • A Christ-like attitude that seeks to build God’s Kingdom rather than their own kingdom.

This year’s recipients have been volunteering with FCW for over two years. Always quick to jump in to complete any task, they serve many hours a month repairing broken items, installing new items, running errands or working on anything that needs completed. They are hands-on and practical in all respects.  This year’s award is presented to a couple that works together as a true ministry team and is an inspiration to us all.

This year’s award goes to Chris and Christy Pettibone. Thank you both for all you do!

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