Vocational School Equipment For Children In Uganda

Provide vocational school equipment and teach self-sustainability skills to children in Uganda.

Project cost: $11,275

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Project Goal: $11,275

Vocational school teaches skills for self sustainability!

Your gift will help purchase equipment and tools for a vocational school where young men and women will learn sewing, hair dressing, and carpentry skills they can use for a lifetime. Even more important, the students learn the gospel of Jesus for an eternity of salvation.

The vocational school will benefit the Hope Child Care Partner (HCCP) ministry in three ways:

• The school will be attended by orphans at the school, but also by children in the village, generating income.

• HCCP will save money by not having to pay for the orphan children’s education elsewhere.

• Children who learn carpentry skills will become employed by HCCP to build orphan homes.