What Kipindi Means to Me

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Join the Effort

Become a Scholarship Sponsor...

Scholarships Change Lives

Scholarships will allow these young women to gain the following:

  • Critical discipleship, mentoring, and counseling
  • Key life skills training
  • A government-issued certificate in tailoring
  • A year to build relationships in a safe environment
  • And SO much more!!!

Available Scholarships

It costs just over $300 per month for one young woman to attend Kipindi Mpito for this year-long training. You could cover the entire cost or co-sponsor a scholarship with others!

  • Quarter-year - $900
  • Half-year - $1800
  • Full, one-year - $3,600

Build Relationships

When you support a young woman financially, you will also have the ability to build a relationship with her!

You can expect the following:

  • Updates on Kipindi Mpito throughout the year including videos and photos.
  • Letter correspondence with your sponsored woman.