Our flagship ministry in Uganda

Kipindi Mpito

Helping Ugandan Youth Transition Into Adulthood

The Need:

Orphans and vulnerable children living in family-based care (kinship care) in Uganda are getting older.

When FCW began caring for orphans, most of the children were quite small. Staying on the current path would place the children/young adults in jeopardy of unemployment, poverty, and victimization in the form of trafficking. Secondary level education, and even university level, are often insufficient, unnecessary, or unattainable due to mental and emotional limitations. 

Once students reach age 16, 17, or 18 they need some form of transitional care.

Transitioning out of FCW’s program without intentional mentoring and discipleship can mean spiritual devastation. Without life skills, trade school or university training, these children are in danger of poverty dogging their steps all of their lives—and being forced into making tragic decisions out of desperation: choices like prostitution or early marriage for mere survival.

Our 20-Year Vision

A Micro-Community in Uganda

The Plan:

FCW has acquired 20 acres of land in Mukono, Uganda.

A team from Forgotten Children Worldwide met with a group of architects, civil engineers, urban planners and project managers from all over the globe on this land in early March of 2020. Like us, they were taken aback by the beauty of the land—but also the vision that will unfold on this sacred site.

A campus and a community.

Our ambitious plan is to develop this land into a safe, residential campus where young girls can spend a year healing, growing, learning, and preparing to transition into adulthood.

Kipindi Site Plan
Kipindi Land For Website

A focus on life skills.

During their year at Kipindi, these young women will have the opportunity to learn critical life skills that will allow them to become confident, independent, self-sustaining adults. They will also receive mental health counseling and spiritual guidance to help overcome and process childhood trauma. In short, every Kipindi student will receive:

Kipindi Site Plan
Kipindi Land For Website
12 Key Life Skills
Counseling and Mentoring
Personal Discipleship
Training in a Skilled Trade
Self-Confidence & Empowerment

Join the Journey

Empower Young Women in Uganda by Supporting Kipindi

The Opportunities:

Kipindi Mpito is already serving a smaller number of girls at a rental facility in Mukono. But the need is much greater, and more girls will be served as the land is developed into the campus outlined above. YOU can help young women in Uganda realize their fullest, God-given potential by getting involved in one of the following ways:


Provide a Scholarship

It costs just over $300 per month for one young woman to attend Kipindi Mpito for this year-long training.  You can provide a scholarship for:

  • Quarter-year - $900
  • Half-year - $1,800
  • Full, one-year - $3,600

As a scholarship provider, you will also be able to develop a relationship with the girl you're supporting through letter correspondence and periodic updates from FCW.

Make A Donation

Your monthly or one-time contribution to Kipindi Mpito can help empower young women in a variety of ways. Here are just a few ways in which your gift could be used to help Ugandan women transition to adulthood:

  • $50 = 1 month of food for 2 girls
  • $115 = 1 year of tailoring supplies for 1 girl
  • $250 = 6 months of counseling for 1 girl
  • $25/month = monthly food supply for 1 girl
  • $50/month = monthly counseling services for 1 girl

Testimonies of Life-Change

Praise for Kipindi Mpito from Recent Graduates

Shamim's Story

Shamim praised God that she was able to be a part of the program. She stated that she “has now transitioned into an adult.” At first, she was not interested in the program since she had finished senior four and was eager to advance. She thanked God that, through Kipindi, she was able to commit her life to Christ and be discipled. Interestingly, she said, “I now understand that vocational skills are not for failures in life but rather for people with God-given gifts and talents to think and design.” Inspired by FCW’s Uganda Finance Director, she wants to become an accountant.

Patience's Story

Patience thanked God for reaching this milestone. She said she and the mother initially were not interested in the program--they regarded it as waste of time. She feels regret that she ever thought that way. She enjoyed learning about baking, self-discovery, and the public speaking classes. She said that she discovered her fullest potential while in the program. Meeting a lawyer while job shadowing in the program has motivated her to, prayerfully, study law at a local university.

Tracy's Story

Tracy thanked God for the opportunity to to attend the Kipindi Mpito program. She said, “it is a life transforming program.” She said her life has not remained the same after the training she received, but more importantly she recognized maturity in her spiritual and emotional life as a result of her Trauma Healing Class. She now reads her Bible and leads in praise and worship. She received tailoring and baking skills that she can utilize to sustain her future. She said she wants to continue with her education and become a pilot in the future!

Summarize Kipindi in One Word...

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