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**Our next I See You Event will be held in October 2022. Registration is open until September 25, 2022!**

A New Approach to Child Sponsorship

I See You Is Child Sponsorship As You've Never Seen It Before

At FCW, we're reinventing child sponsorship. Instead of encouraging sponsors to go online and choose a child, we're empowering children to choose their sponsors.  When you become an I See You sponsor, you change the trajectory of a child's life and empower him or her to choose a family to connect with for years to come.

How Does It Work?

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When you sign up for I See You, we'll ask you to submit a brief biography and a photo of yourself or your family.  We'll compile those photos and bios and send them to our indigenous partners in preparation for a big celebration!

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Our partners will then choose children that are currently in need of a sponsor, and begin making plans for an "I See You Event" where those children will be given an opportunity to choose YOU as their sponsor!

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Once you've been chosen, we'll email you a video of your child choosing you, and a brief video that introduces you to your new sponsored child (have some tissues handy!).

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Finally, we'll mail you a Sponsorship Welcome Kit to help you begin your sponsorship journey! As you write back and forth with your child, you'll see the life transformation that your $38 per month helps accomplish! (We think YOUR life will be transformed as well!)

What Does Child Sponsorship Provide?

$38/month provides a child with:


School fees, uniforms, and supplies.


Seasonally appropriate, well-fitting clothes and shoes.

Spiritual Development

Biblically-based, Christ-centered discipleship programming.


Clean drinking water and regular, healthy meals.

Medical Care

Regular medical and dental checkups.


Access to caring adults who provide wisdom and guidance.

What Are Sponsors Saying?

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