Former Vulnerable Child Finding Success In Life

Life transformation. That is what we get the honor of witnessing. Children, who once struggled to have their most basic needs met, are learning of Jesus Christ, receiving the care and education that they deserve, and experiencing success in life. We recently received this short note from Laxmi, age 20. Her testimony is amazing and we give all of the glory to God!

“In the month of October I completed my nursing course. It was a great moment in my life. Had it not been for Forgotten Children Worldwide my life would have been lost. My mother, who is a widow, was abused by my own uncles. She, along with my sister and I, were used for cheap labor as slaves. Now, I am very grateful for my freedom.

I am working in the hospital where I did my nursing courses. Management selected me to work for them immediately after my graduation. During training I led songs at chapel services and now I am growing stronger and stronger in the Lord. I thank Rebekah Children’s Home for imparting spiritual training.

Today, I am in a position to support my mom with $60 per month. After six months I will be joining a different nursing home, who will pay me $100 per month and my perks will increase as the days go by. Praise the Lord!” Laxmi, age 20

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