Education & Discipleship

Developing Young Minds and Sharing the Love of a Heavenly Father
Support Education & Discipleship Initiatives

Education gives children the keys to unlock a bright future.

Education and life skills give children the resources needed to help break the cycle of poverty. When children receive a good education, they empowered to reach for big goals and strive for a better tomorrow.  Listen as Maureen explains how education changed the trajectory of her life.

Discipleship introduces the fatherless to the Heavenly Father.

FCW is an unabashedly Christian organization, but we serve children and families of all faiths and all backgrounds. At our partner homes, children receive Bibles, and are involved in regular church programming led by indigenous pastors and leaders. Through these programs, our goal is that orphans and vulnerable children will learn that they have a Heavenly Father who is crazy about them.


You can help children achieve a bright future.

At FCW, we strive to ensure that the children under our care have access to everything they need to grow and thrive at school. This includes providing things like school fees, uniforms, school supplies, backpacks, safe transportation, and much more. We also provide Bibles and access to discipleship programming.

Your donation toward Education & Discipleship could help provide:

School Fees

needed to attend school.


to wear to school.


to call their own.

School Supplies

to empower learning.

Discipleship Programming

to share the love of Christ.


and guidance from caring adults.