Construction Projects

The first step in helping orphans and vulnerable children who live on the streets is by giving them a safe place to call home. This “home” is a place where they can enjoy the safety of shelter, the nourishment of good food and the love of Jesus Christ. It provides them a place where they can be a kid without the stresses of the outside world.

Orphan Homes
Orphan homes are small, intimate homes that house eight to twelve children. Children placed in orphan homes are loved and nurtured by a married couple who serve as house parents. Placement at an orphan home allows children to avoid the overcrowded environments of large orphanages where it is difficult for children to receive the nurture and care needed to ensure a healthy well-being.

Security Fences/Walls
The safety of children in an FCW sponsored orphan home is top priority. In order to keep children safe and free from the worries of abduction, security walls are built around orphan homes. The walls, often large brick structures with large gates, keep the children in and the predators who prey on children out.

Dining Halls/Kitchens
Feeding a large group of children and caretakers is a major job. Most of our transnational partners currently prepare meals in small, makeshift outside kitchens. There are limits to the amount of food that can be prepared and sanitation can become a concern. The rainy season of Malawi makes food preparation difficult when your thatch roof shelter has holes and your fire is extinguished by the daily rains. Your gift could help build a kitchen or dining hall that will ensure children eat in a clean and safe environment.

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