Become an Orphan Care Missionary

Do you have a heart for vulnerable children? Do you have experience as a missionary in Africa? If so, you may want to consider joining the FCW team as our Orphan Advocate in Uganda.

Focus:  Orphan care liaison for Forgotten Children Worldwide
Geographical oversight area: Uganda/East Africa
Headquarters:  Kampala, Uganda

Orphan Care Missionary job description:


The Orphan Care Missionaries are responsible for oversight of the mission of FCW in East Africa.  Countries include, but are not limited to:  Uganda, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Specifically, the missionaries are liaisons between FCW USA and indigenous FCW partners.

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Distinctive Caveat: Missions is, obviously, not a new concept.  The idea of reaching orphaned and vulnerable children for Jesus due to the ever-expanding orphan care crisis in the 21st century is somewhat unique. Reaching indigenous children in spiritually dark places by caring for their needs, evangelism, and genuine discipleship by committed indigenous disciples of Christ is ideal.

Nature and Scope of Position:

  1. Is responsible to the Executive Director/PMT chairman. Works in conjunction with FCW’s Project Management Team (PMT) and Country Advocates in order to assure effectiveness of self-sustainability projects. Includes being present when FCW-provided items are distributed and construction sites. (E.g. School supplies/new mattress distribution, boreholes, or general oversight of construction progress—not actually assisting with the construction process).
  2. Should a FCW Uganda Campus come to fruition, the missionaries time will revolve around managing the programs spawned from the vision.  Small business creation/transition to adulthood and a Trauma Competent Aftercare Program will probably be the first two strategic components of the 10-year vision.
  3. Serves as a liaison with FCW PMT/Executive Director in all matters related to the missional activities of FCW in East Africa.
  4. Build genuine, mutual relationships with indigenous partners.  Building trust is vital.
  5. Assist partners when there are communication barriers (western thinking vs. African culture) that may interfere with healthy outcomes.
  6.  Serve to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) under the care of FCW are receiving the care they deserve and that the indigenous ministries accomplish FCW’s stated standards.
  7. Serving in partnership with FCW indigenous paid staff and other American Missionaries serving FCW. Managing the indigenous staff and any other FCW staff is a major responsibility of this position.  The ability to lovingly, patiently supervise and direct others in a Christ-like manner is vital.
  8.  Conducting unannounced/announced site visits to orphan homes or foster care families’ homes with the goal of ensuring that they are meeting FCW’s expectations. All site visits should be documented using FCW’s pre-determined assessment tools. Gaining access and inspecting files/records on each child to be certain they are getting the expected care…and for accountability.
  9. To help with quarterly and annual reporting of statistics and pictures that are vital to FCW’s donors and PMT’s ability to measure outcomes of projects/mission. This includes verifying receipts, accounts, bank ledgers/expenses. Due at pre-determined set times each year.
  10. Assist partners with technical needs as appropriate:  E.g. Use of Dropbox, software/computer needs.
  11. To serve as a resource person for indigenous partners in providing quality pictures for USA sponsors on an annual basis.
  12. Assist on special Skype Nites in which sponsors can Skype with their child for a few minutes. It is understood that some countries cannot comply due to poor internet connections.
  13. To assist with FCW Vision teams that visit in the area:  lodging, transportation needs, etc.—as applicable.
  14. To oversee the collection of FCW’s Holistic Report Cards and respond accordingly to child/family/partner/PMT.
  15. To identify and recommend additional indigenous orphan care partners that would be a good match with FCW and their values/model.
  16. To attend a local church and use one’s gifts in that setting as applicable/appropriate.
  17. As desired, work with local partners in interacting with children in the program (VBS, other children’s ministry).
  18. Willingness to travel to FCW’s other ministries outside of Uganda on a pre-determined basis.
  19. Regular communication with FCW USA via email/Skype.
  20. A two-year commitment, minimum.


  • FCW missionaries should be Christ-followers who desire to expand Christ’s Kingdom
  • A humble, servant-heart is vital.
  • Be able to exist in an environment that can be difficult due to culture issues, trust issues and western isolation. Mental health, emotional health and spiritual health should be well established. Not looking for perfection, but for someone who knows their issues and believes they have made good progress.
  • Experience in overseas missional activity is highly recommended. Training is required (cultural, missional, FCW caveats). Experience in African missions is preferred.
  • A willingness to raise one’s own financial support like other American Missionaries. May work through a sending partner like World Partners.
  • An ability to embrace the unique African culture.
  • A personality that is flexible and yet can manage in the midst of a sometimes-chaotic environment (cultural, environmental, relational).
  • Seek out western individuals and build relationships for one’s own relational health. No lone ranger missionaries.
  • Must have experience working in Africa.

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To apply for the position, email your resume and cover letter to Matt Hartsell by clicking the APPLY NOW button below. Qualified candidates will be contacted for potential interview. Candidates must have experience working in Africa.