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Volunteer Spotlight – Kim Konuch

When her kids finished elementary school, Kim Konuch knew her time substitute teaching was coming to a close—but she still wanted to do something that made a difference in kids’ lives. When she heard that Forgotten Children was looking for receptionists, she immediately jumped on board. That was seven years ago, but Kim still loves […]

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Preventing Trafficking Together

When you think of the greatest threat to kids in today’s society, what comes to mind? The drug trade? Underage drinking? Domestic violence? While it’s true that all these things put children in danger, few if none of them pose as severe a threat as human trafficking. This exploitative industry is becoming the largest and […]

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Vision Trips: Awakening Compassion

Here at Forgotten Children, we’re passionate about empowering people—not just the children across the world, but also people in our own community who want to become Voices alongside us. Our vision trips offer people a fresh worldview – a new way to love and understand others. We were honored to take a team to India […]

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Business and Charity: Do They Mix?

At first glance, businesses and charities seem to be on opposite ends of the financial spectrum. It’s easy to believe the corporate world has no place in the non-profit sector—but the truth is there are endless advantages to businesses making charity work a priority. Creating a partnership with a local charity will convey to your […]


The Feeling Gap

As followers of Christ, we’re called to love the ones the world has forgotten. We do this in a variety of ways: service trips, sponsorship, donations—the list goes on. Even so, there’s often a sense of heartache that comes with the realization that you’ll never know the exact impact of your investment. You can go […]

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Why Partnership Matters

At Forgotten Children, we believe “partnership” goes hand-in-hand with “advocacy.” How can we speak for the ‘least of these’ without first knowing exactly what their lives are like…what their needs are? That’s why we focus on partnership with indigenous Christians. We believe that those living in and amongst the orphans we support are the best-suited […]