Volunteer Spotlight – Julie Heindel

When Julie Heindel felt God calling her heart toward helping children overseas, she knew she wanted to join a mission that truly invested in kids’ lives to make a lasting difference. Her passion for volunteering goes beyond just meeting immediate needs—which is why she got involved at FCW. By serving with Forgotten Children, Julie knows […]

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Child Labor: Ending the Cycle

Poverty is a debilitating barrier; it prevents families all over the world from owning property, accessing education, and ultimately earning living wages. As a result, children feel the effects—and the consequences are devastating. According to UNICEF, in the world’s poorest countries, more than 25% of kids are engaged in child labor, leading to lost opportunities […]

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Volunteer Spotlight – Tonya Smith

Everyone volunteers for a different reason. Some people want to improve the world; some people choose to make a difference after retirement; some people just love to serve. For Tonya Smith, it’s all about family—and volunteering at FCW is something she can do with her kids. “A big thing for me is raising my kids […]

Tips for Writing Your Sponsored Child

It’s that time again. You sit down at your computer—but you’re not sure what to write. What do you have in common with a kid halfway across the globe? How can you create a connection? Ugh. You don’t have time for this. You tell yourself you’ll come back to it later. But when? Writing to […]

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Volunteer Spotlight – Cory Ivins

In his years volunteering for FCW, Cory Ivins has seen his role evolve and change with his passions. He and his wife became passionate about the Global Orphan Crisis when his wife went on her first mission trip to Uganda—and they served as foster parents in the local community from 2014 to 2017, while also […]


How Poverty Impacts Education

Millions of people in the world live in poverty. Entire families go to bed hungry and scared every night—unsure of where their next meal will come from. But hunger isn’t the only setback that poverty brings. It also prevents access to something we often take for granted: education. In many countries, children—especially girls—don’t get a […]

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Volunteer Spotlight – Kim Konuch

When her kids finished elementary school, Kim Konuch knew her time substitute teaching was coming to a close—but she still wanted to do something that made a difference in kids’ lives. When she heard that Forgotten Children was looking for receptionists, she immediately jumped on board. That was seven years ago, but Kim still loves […]

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Preventing Trafficking Together

When you think of the greatest threat to kids in today’s society, what comes to mind? The drug trade? Underage drinking? Domestic violence? While it’s true that all these things put children in danger, few if none of them pose as severe a threat as human trafficking. This exploitative industry is becoming the largest and […]

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Vision Trips: Awakening Compassion

Here at Forgotten Children, we’re passionate about empowering people—not just the children across the world, but also people in our own community who want to become Voices alongside us. Our vision trips offer people a fresh worldview – a new way to love and understand others. We were honored to take a team to India […]