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Anti-trafficking Initiatives

It is estimated that a child is trafficked around the world every 26 seconds. Some experts believe that 80 percent of all trafficked children face sexual exploitation and 19 percent are forced into labor.

Our goal is to prevent trafficking from occurring by lifting children out of extreme poverty and getting them off of the streets. These children are extremely vulnerable to falling victim to false promises of food and shelter, education, and work. Since only 1% of those trafficked are ever rescued, prevention is our priority.

Prevention Initiatives

We construct orphan homes that give children a place to call home and to be protected. Self-sustainability projects help mothers and orphan care ministries generate income that provides for the children under their care. Child sponsorship programs offer additional financial help to meet a child’s basic needs. All of these practices help to remove children from the path of traffickers.

Rescue Programs

We work closely with our indigenous partners to identify opportunities for rescue, but it is not our speciality. To date, 24 girls have been rescued from brothels in Kampala, Uganda. We have a desire to begin new trafficking initiatives in Nepal and Malawi and rescue will play an important role in those programs going forward.

Aftercare Initiatives

Children who experience the trauma of sexual exploitation and slavery suffer emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Through our holistic care approach, we work to fully restore these children through our aftercare initiatives. We also construct homes and dormitories that provide refuge for those who have been rescued.