Frequently Asked Questions


Is FCW a faith-based organization?

Yes. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our philosophies and convictions have been shaped by our Christian faith, and our organizational mission is driven by our desire to share the love of Jesus Christ to a world in need.

Does FCW invest in local and national issues?

FCW donates clothing to various churches and organizations in the Northeast Indiana area, including Love Church, Hearts for the Homeless, St. Vincent’s DePaul, and Christmas Behind Bars. We also contribute to self-sufficiency initiatives in our local community.

Where in the world does FCW Work?

We currently work with indigenous ministries in India, Malawi, Nepal, Uganda and Zimbabwe

Does FCW focus solely on human trafficking?

No. While research continues to investigate preventative measures against trafficking, the truth is that no one has discovered a simple solution. What we do know is that migration, hunger, lack of education and illness seem to increase vulnerabilities, and this is why we have committed to partnering with international organizations and churches that seek to structure a defense system against the evils of human trafficking. We do this through clothing donations, child sponsorships, orphan home grants, microfinance loans, and self-sustainability grants and projects.

How does FCW make an international impact?

FCW partners with indigenous ministries with the end goal of empowering orphaned and vulnerable children through self-sustainability initiatives. We believe this happens through child sponsorship, clothing distribution, construction projects and income-generation strategies.

How does FCW find ministry partners?

We only work with ministries that have been recommended to us by current transnational partners, church partners, or missions organizations. We do not take unsolicited requests for funding and support. Once a ministry is recommended we go through a thorough vetting process to see if the ministry is a good fit for us. A team visits the ministry in-country to review financial statements, interview caregivers and board members, and spend time with the children (just to name a few). If approved, a probationary partnership begins.

Where does FCW get its funding?

As a 501(c)3 organization all of our funding comes from donations. Churches, foundations, corporations, families, foundations, and individuals make up the core of FCW’s funding pool.

I want my money to go towards the mission. What percentage of FCW’s expenses are used for programs?

We strive to be good stewards of our donors money. In 2016 approximately 85% of all expenses were spent on programs. The additional 15% was spent for administrative and fundraising purposes. You can also view our 990 here. We believe transparency with our donors is key. 

If I sponsor a child through FCW how much of my donation actually goes to the child?

100% of your sponsorship goes directly towards the holistic care of an orphaned or vulnerable child. FCW does not use any of your donated sponsorship funds for administrative, marketing, or fundraising expenses. All donated sponsorship funds are tax-deductible.

I want to donate. What methods of payment can I use?

First, donations can be made online via our website, via mail, or in person. We accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards in addition to electronic checks (EFT) from your checking account.  Paper checks can be mailed to PO Box 381, Bluffton IN 46714.

Are volunteer opportunities available with FCW?

The foundation of FCW is built upon volunteer help. Whether you want to help sort and pack clothing boxes, advocate for us in prayer, or help raise awareness, we have a number of opportunities for volunteer assistance. Please see our “Take Action” link for more information.