Volunteer Spotlight, April 2017 – Aliana Westfall

Aliana Westfall is creative, organized, and passionate about the mission and vision of Forgotten Children Worldwide. As coordinator of the FCW Gigantic Garage Sale, Aliana gets to put those skills, and much more, to work for the benefit of God’s kingdom and the forgotten and fatherless.

“I love the opportunity to be creative, produce revenue and get out of my comfort zone,” Aliana said. “As garage sale coordinator, I have been able to connect to our local community, talk to people and spread the word of this great organization. My family, too, has stepped beside me in this journey and has made this work more possible.”

Aliana is proud to say she is employed at “Casa Westfall,” the home created by her and her husband, Jared. “My job involves raising our three sons and two dogs. Besides the daily cleaning and serving as continuous taxi driver, I get to do monthly budgets, weekly grocery shopping, 24/7 laundry service and delivery, and serve as creative liaison. I also serve as cook, maid, personal shopper, accountant, landscaper, photographer, etc.”

Hobbies, in her spare time, include making wood signs, gardening and organizing.

Little known facts about Aliana:

  • Birthday: June 6
  • People say I look like: my mother (who likes hearing this?) or Sarah Palin
  • Best movie ever: Sabrina (1995)
  • Best sweet or salty snack: Chicago Style Popcorn (butter, cheddar or caramel mix)
  • Favorite beverage: Crystal Light (strawberry, peach mango, grape)