Pack Clothes for Needy Children

For the gift of your time of ONE night, ONE weekend, or ONE week, you, your small group, or your youth group (up to 50) can help pack donated clothes given to Forgotten Children for needy children in Ukraine and India.  You will pack in the comfort of the new Forgotten Children Orphan Exhibit and Packing Center, located at 650 N Main St., Bluffton, Ind.  Here you will visually experience the plight of the orphan or vulnerable child.
The clothes are sorted, boxed and sent to thousands of needy children and families all over the world.  Most shipments are 20,000 pounds...all packed ONE item at a time.  Children through older adults are welcome!  You may also want to consider making a gift to the Forgotten Fund, which pays for these shipments, which cost about $6,000.  In the end, it costs about 10 cents per item to ship, which is far less than the items can be purchased or made.
For more information or to schedule a time to volunteer, contact us.