Orphan Home Construction Grants

Forgotten Children Worldwide has provided orphan home construction grants to approved partners in India, Kenya, South Africa and Thailand. It is our goal to assist with the building of orphan homes, not orphanages.  There is a vital distinction:  orphanages are  large buildings that often “storehouse” children and orphan homes are smaller, more intimate homes that house 8-12 children in which a house parent oversees the children.
Unfortunately, sometimes orphanages are the only option.  We have witnessed some “healthy orphanages”, but when possible orphan homes are preferred over orphanages.  The best option, in our opinion, are foster homes — families caring for their own children and the children of a deceased family member or neighbor, for instance.   
FCW offers assistance to these families through microfinance loans through our predefined partners in these countries. FCW does not partner with individuals or families seeking assistance — only through our pre-approved partners who provide oversight to multiple families/orphans.