Child Trafficking Prevention

Get Fired Up. Get Angry With Me, PLEASE?
The Black Hole of Child Trafficking
By Matt Hartsell, co-founder and exeutive director, Forgotten Children Worldwide  
DikshasI will never forget the resounding white-hot anger of one of our team members in Hubli, India. This young 20-something had just discovered  that the precious little girl named Diksha that he had met on previous visits had been sold into the dark world of debt-bondage…present day slavery.  
To plunge the dagger deeper into his soul, he learned that it was her very own mother who had carried out the dark injustice.“Let’s go rescue her!  Let’s find out where they took her, kick the door in and save her," he said.  Sensing  a dissonant degree of passion for justice, he continued, “What’s wrong with you people?  Where is your sense of justice and compassion?”  If only it were that simple.
Dikshas’s mother was desperate. Though she probably loved her child, extreme poverty drives one to commit desperate acts for survival.  In this case, selling her child into debt bondage (money that could be used for the wedding for another sibling — a sort of social security for a parent or to pay off a long-standing debt) meant hope, even survival, for the mother and her other children. Can you imagine making this kind of a choice?   
Yet every hour of every day a parent gives into the pressure to make such a choice. Child Trafficking is a black hole of despair and emotional desolation for the victim. Hold on, it gets even darker.  
Many children are tricked into becoming victims of the sex trade…an evil practice of selling young girls — as young as 8 or 9 years old (and younger…) to a pimp who will use them for servicing middle-aged men.  Or, tricking older girls by promising them a job, collecting their passports, then using their power to control and manipulate the young women into giving their body and their services to deviant men.
27 million people are enslaved annually. And the dehumanizing practice is expanding.  
Are YOU angry yet?  A righteous indignation is certainly in line here.  Remember the young 20-something I mentioned earlier?  His anger was certainly justified. But, the options are limited for rescuing a child enslaved in this type of debauchery. Rescue is demanded. Rehabilitation is vital for victims who have been rescued. Prevention, of course is preferred — saving children before they are swept up by the tsunami of pornography, prostitution or debt bondage that is so common in many countries today. An ounce of prevention is worth….
Forgotten Children Worldwide’s focus is predominately on prevention — assisting mothers so they do not have to sell their child into bondage, providing a safe environment in the form of an orphan home so children are not in vulnerable situations — so they are not sold by a family member. Boys and girls are sponsored on a monthly basis by caring individuals so they are not susceptible to the sleaze of evil men.  Microfinance/"Self-sufficiency" grants are provided by FCW to help ministries that care for orphans to become self-sustaining — allowing nationals to care for their own children.
Would you consider being an advocate for a child who is susceptible to poverty, child trafficking, sickness, despair and death? Jeremiah 22:15-16 reminds us that helping the poor and needy is, by definition, what it means to be a person who claims to literally know God.  Check it out for yourself…then join the revolution by writing the biggest, most absurd check you have ever written to help PREVENT human tracking for a child.
Let’s get mad…but let’s get mad, in a righteous way — together.